CAD Push Service API

This documentation is a draft

The CAD Push Service Api is used to push CAD data to Clearance. Every CAD call is represented by an event entity. That entity is mutable and can be updated at any time. Use the following swagger for details about each call.

CAD Push Service API Swagger

Pushing an event

An event can be pushed using the Create/Update event rest call. An event can be sent multiple time and as long as the EventId is the same, it will get updated. Once an event is created, a case will be created in Clearance.

Here is the typical sequence diagram of using this API :

A typical example of creating an event should look like that :

curl -X POST "" -H "accept: */*" -H "authorization: Bearer <YOUR BEARER TOKEN> " -H "Content-Type: application/json-patch+json" -d "{\"eventId\":\"ABC-2019123456\",\"transactionId\":\"df3972f6-7f28-4d47-92c7-a24c55247dbb\",\"transactionDateUtc\":\"2019-12-16T13:38:48.520749Z\",\"type\":\"Incident\",\"state\":\"Open\",\"name\":\"ABC-2019123456\",\"eventStartTimeUtc\":\"2019-12-16T08:38:48.5207498Z\",\"eventEndTimeUtc\":\"2019-12-16T09:38:48.5207532Z\",\"priority\":null,\"statusCode\":null,\"description\":null,\"district\":null,\"beat\":null,\"category\":\"Felony\",\"location\":{\"latitude\":45.480779,\"longitude\":-73.758397,\"address\":\"7055 Rue Alexander Fleming, Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 2C8\",\"notes\":null},\"involvedResources\":null,\"extended\":{\"key\":null,\"value\":null}}"

Batching events

Is is possible to send multiple event in a single call using the Create/Update Batch events rest call. The format of the events are the same except that they are enclosed in a JSON array as desmonstrated bellow:

    {... event #1 ...},
    {... event #2 ...},
    {... event #3 ...}

Obtain the URI of an event

It is possible to obtain the URI of an even from the single Uri method. It provide a response that contain the URI of the event. That URI should be accessed from a Web Browser.

Embed the URI of an event (API Key only)

In a typical CAD integration scenario, the end user need to be able to map a CAD event to an URI inside the digital evidence management system. It is possible to embed the call directly from a web browser. The URI can be displayed directly in a web browser but the authentication method can only be via API Key.