Managing devices

Devices in Genetec Clearance represent a Body Wearable Camera that is in possession of a user. There is 2 differents type of API concerning the device in Genetec Clearance, the device API and the Device/User Relationship API.

Device API

The device API is used to describe device in the system like the serial number, make model and activation status. The API can be used by integrator to populate the device list for an account or activate the license for a device. For detailed information about managing device, Device Service API


Device User Relationship API


Licensed functionnality

The functionality described in this section is licensed under specific terms per customer account and require activation. Contact Genetec for more information.

The device/user relationship API is used to expose a concept of association between a device and a user in the system to allow easier searching and visualization of files. This association is based on a calendar schedule that can be retrieved and updated from the API.

When a video or image file is uploaded to Genetec Clearance, the identity of the user that recorded the file it is not sent. Genetec Clearance only requests which device it was recorded with. The association is then made with this API to reconcile the device identification with a user in the system at the time the video or image was recorded. The idea behind this system is to decouple the identity of the user with the actual file (to allow easier correction after the fact). This association can be updated at any time (future or past) and the file will properly represent the originator of the video.
For Detailed information about the API call, Device User Relationship Service API