Clearance is built in a series of Microservices, each microservice exposes a very simple REST API.

The API is built with Swagger and we enable the Interactive API Documentation with SwaggerUI on every service so it's really easy to play around and see how it behaves.


REST API Endpoints

Secure Token Service (STS): OpenID Connect and OAuth2 service to authenticate
Search Service API: Service to find any evidence or cases in the system.
Case Service API: Organize your file by case and manage who can view them.
Document Service API: Upload and Get files managed by Clearance
Device Service: Manage Body Wearable Camera devices
Key Store: Retrieve Cryptographic keys to encrypt file before uploading them

Before calling any of the Clearance REST API, the service or user must be authenticated through the Secure Token Service (See Authentication) that will return a JWT Bearer token.